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Red Lemon Incorporation is a quality focused technology company which designs, manufactures, markets and sells consumer and industrial grade products

With its excellence in technology manufacturing Red Lemon provides highly sought-after contract manufacturing. Its production facilities are ISO 9001:2000 certified and have a list of approvals from international government bodies. It offers state of the art machines including fully automatic Chip-on-Board (COB) bonding machine, high-speed Surface Mount Device (SMD) mounter and Hot-air reflow oven.
Red Lemon has an innovative range of products, professional R&D and a sales team distributing its products to more than 30 countries world wide. All its designs and trade marks are registered.

All our products are designed and engineered in Germany, combining European know how with cost-effective production facilities in Mainland China. Latest products include EMS products, Online TV, Online TV platform with DVB-T & Skype and Online TV platform with Skype.

We are developing and manufacturing innovative state of the art products for new emerging technologies.
We are currently focusing on new technologies:

Our main focus is on product quality and we are committed to customer satisfaction.
OEM orders under your own brand name are welcome.

Red Lemon has a track record of manufacturing for major importers, department stores and mail order houses with Worldwide renowned customers such as Belkin, Metro Group, Maplin & Radio Shack.
Our long term strategy is to introduce innovative original design products in the electronics industry combining state of the art technology with cost effective manufacturing, while maintaining highest quality standards

Overview Summary of Red Lemon Incorporation:


• Headquartered in Hong Kong
• Multinational Partners & Locations
• ISO 9001 OEM Electronic Product Manufacturer
• Over 15 years experience in OEM, ODM & Contract Manufacturing Service
• Quality focused technology company
• Worldwide sales of consumer and industrial grade products
• German design & engineering

Business Structure


China DongGuan factory

• Size of 200,000 sq.ft.
• 800 – 1,000 workers
• 5 Production Lines

China Ningbo factory

• Size of 300,000 sq.ft.
• 1,000 - 1,200 workers
• 6 Production Lines

Manufacturing Facilities

• COB Wine Bonder  & IC Bonder
• SMT Line
• Plastic Mold Tooling and injection machine

Our production facilities



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